jakominKayaking is one of the oldest organized sports in Istria, says Vladimir Jakomin, founder of KKK Adria. At Ankaran's Katarina, wooden kayaks began to be rowed as early as 1900, during the time of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, and Jakomin keeps photographs of kayakers from 1912. In Mussolini's time, the sport was sustained and fell out of favor under socialist rule after World War II. It wasn't until the 1980s that it started to develop again.

    Vladimir Jakomin is the father of the idea of ​​KKK Adria Ankaran and also of all Slovenian kayaking on calm waters. Jakomin persisted into the 1980s until he founded KKK Žusterna and later KKK Adria Ankaran. Vladimir Jakomin still works for Adria today, a quarter of a century later, when the club celebrates its silver jubilee. "In these 25 years, canoeists Simon Požek and Dean Jakomin, who were more national champions and ninth also at the 2003 European Championships in Szeged, have recorded the most competitive successes in Adria. Currently, our best kayaker is Anja Osterman, seventh last year in the world in the category of junior members, and thirteenth this year.

    He first opened a kayaking section in Žusterna in 1980, as I was not allowed to create a club. We have had support at the Yugoslav Kayaking Association level, but not at home, not even locally. In 1984, canoeists Matija Ljubek and Mirko Nišović won gold and silver medals at the Los Angeles Olympics and kayaker Milan Janić won silver. Then when they visited Koper, the then president of the municipal assembly did not even accept them and so they let us know that we are the thirteenth pig of kayakers. But I insisted, I financed a lot out of my own pocket and helped create three clubs in Koper. In this way, we have fulfilled the requirements of the Slovenian Olympic Committee and held a valid national championship, ”recalls Jakomin, who will celebrate his 67th birthday in November. Calm-water kayaking has obviously "reached" Slovenia, so Jakomin's efforts have not been in vain.

    The Kayak Canoe Club Adria Ankaran was founded in 1989. The functioning of the club is a well known obstacle that applies to all Slovenian clubs, lack of money, especially local clubs. However, the club began to function. The first containers were prepared by the club on the Valdoltra beach. There the club, with the help of the municipality and with its work and money, has set up a fairly suitable working space, where our business now takes place. Throughout the club, with the help of members, he obtained funds for the operation of the club. In this way, the club has grown and so has also gained membership.


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    The Kayak Canoe Club Adria Ankaranhas several registered competitors participating in competitions of all levels. If you want to join the group of the best and become a professional athlete, or if you are interested in our recreational group and the offer of tourist activities, write to us, we would be happy to answer you!

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    logo100Kayak Canoe Adria Ankaran club educates young athletes in canoeing and kayaking throughout their sporting path. Registration takes place throughout the year.


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